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Many are not a fan of the current process companies use for job applications. Oftentimes, you’ll spend quite a big chunk of time applying for jobs — filling in job histories, demographic information, and writing customized cover letters — just for the application to go into some sort of job application purgatory where despite your efforts you never hear from the prospective employer again. Worse still, many of these forms are out-dated, long, complex, and time-out just as you are about to hit “submit”. LinkedIn’s Easy Apply allows their users to apply for a job in just a couple of clicks and saves applicants a lot of time. However, if you use Easy Apply, you are limited to the jobs on LinkedIn’s platform that have opted into that service.

I’ve created a simple solution for that searches across a variety of job websites that typically support an Easy Apply-like functionality. More often than not, applying for companies via this method is as simple as uploading your resume and filling in a well-designed form with standardized questions. Using this search tool, you’ll only search job websites that have high quality, user-friendly job application forms. You’ll be able to apply for many more jobs this way in a fraction of the time.

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