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A few years ago, the CFPB discovered that the American students had crossed the threshold of a trillion dollars in student loan debt, notably also surpassing the country’s total credit card debt. That trend has continued, with total student loan debt running laps around total credit card debt achieving a 50% increase in only a few years’ time. With so many borrowing so much and with so little education on how to manage debt, you have a recipe for fiscal disaster.

I am a fellow student borrower who has deeply studied the intricacies of the federal student loan system, and I have used this knowledge to the benefit of friends, family, and myself. Rather than just keeping this knowledge to the people I personally know, I thought it would be a neat idea to put this knowledge to use in one-on-one sessions to help others manage their debt. Please note that I am not a professional financial advisor, and any advice is based solely on my personal knowledge and experience. None of my advice can be construed as professional advice, which you would have to acquire from, well, a professional. If you have some questions about your student loans that I may be able to help with, please fill out the form below and we can schedule a session.

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